Car Unlock Service  

Lockout situations can turn into a nightmare, and the last thing you need is to worry about being overcharged for the service. Metro-Keys Locksmith Service understands this and strives to offer their exceptional lockout service at affordable rates. You won’t be hit with any surprise fees or hidden costs we will always let you know up front the cost of services that are performed. We believe in transparent pricing, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect when it comes to payment. Metro-Keys Locksmith Service success in the lockout service industry is not only due to their availability but also their experienced and skilled technicians. Their team has encountered a wide range of lockout situations over the many years of service, making them experts in handling different types of locks and vehicles. This experience translates into efficient and damage-free lockout solutions. Whether your vehicle has traditional locks or the latest electronic systems, Our technicians have the knowledge and tools to unlock it without causing any harm. We licensed technicians are well-equipped to handle any type of lockout in DFW. Pickups, delivery, and service trucks are completely covered by our comprehensive Dallas Automotive locksmith offerings. Whether it’s an issue of having locked your keys in your truck or left your keys in the ignition of your 18 wheeler, our automotive locksmiths are at your service. Car unlock services may vary depending on the type of vehicle. Most all vehicles are unlocked using special pressure bags. These bags allow a small gap to be made so that a tool can be inserted in the vehicle to reach the lock mechanism. In some circumstances, a Slim Jim tool may be used depending on the mechanism of the locks for a particular vehicle. Any method our technicians use is safe and efficient.

Are your keys locked in the Trunk?

Were you putting away the groceries in the trunk of your car and accidentally left your keys inside when you closed the trunk door? No need to worry, Metro-Keys Locksmith Service in DFW provides a fast car Trunk Lockout Service. We have technician staged throughout the metroplex to insure a fast response time when we are dispatching a technician to your location. The most common way to get your keys out of the trunk is to unlock your vehicle. This is done by the same method as a car lockout. Once we get the vehicle opened, you are then able to access the trunk release. In some cases where there is no trunk release, we would need to make a key for the trunk. No matter the situation, we have technicians available to take care of your trunk lockout locksmith needs.

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